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No 3 Daemon Dance

No 3 Daemon Dance
Daemon Dance 3rd movement from The Gothic Suite

Marked 'In a frenzy', this movement depicts the sounds our 'hero' has been hearing whilst lost in the labyrinth of tunnels below the castle. As in the previous two movements, there is a paragraph to be read aloud before the performance of this movement to set the scene:

"I came to the edge of a gigantic shaft which dropped into the bowels of the earth. From the blackness of this pit emanated the daemonically-insane music I had heard echoing all around me for some hours. At the precise moment I looked over the edge there was silence and I could sense many eyes staring up".

In the opening three bars, the emphasis is definitely on the notes played by the thumb, in particular the final note of each of the three bars (G  F  C#). These same three notes are emphasised once again in the slower bar 4.

Bar 8 should be played 'ponticello' getting a very hard sound by plucking the strings within an inch or two of the bridge. For the next seven bars - up to the repeat dots - still keep the sound hard but not as harsh as in bar 8 (perhaps halfway between the soundhole and the bridge). The chords in bars 15-17 should be strummed very strongly.  Try for a gradual crescendo after the repeat aiming for the next set of strummed chords to be played very loud.

Where the 5/16 bar is reached try playing the first of each slurred note Apoyando (Rest stroke) also quickening up quite suddenly through this section (this is not marked on the score). The final chord should be played quite 'naily' and remember there is no 'rallentando' at all throughout the bars leading up to this chord - the piece ending quite abruptly.

The whole movement should have a hard edge to it with some sections harder than others.


The score for Diabolo can be purchased via the The Spanish Guitar Centre (Guitarnotes)
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