"Painting Should be Fun"

quotPainting Should be Funquot

Judy Dunlop and Steve Marsh's long-awaited CD " Painting Should Be Fun" contains 14 unique arrangements of contemporary and traditional folk songs and one guitar instrumental.

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On several of the tracks they are joined by other guest musicians including Gordon Giltrap on guitar, Ashley Hutchings on bass guitar, Ruth Angell on violin and viola and Nip Heely on percussion.

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For the official launch of the album, Judy and Steve performed a 'launch' concert in Chesterfield with Gordon Giltrap and Ruth Angell sharing the concert with us. It was a huge success and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Review from The Derbyshire Times "Keeping it simple is often a complicated process. But Derbyshire duo Judy Dunlop and Steve Marsh pull it off superbly on their Painting Should Be Fun album. Not only have they produced a collection of 15 songs using mostly just his acoustic guitar and her voice, they've also managed to fill the simplest arrangements with layers of subtle nuance and emotion.
The duo's folk pedigree is clear from the luminaries who contribute to this record, with both Ashley Hutchings and Gordon Giltrap turning up on tracks - the latter contributing sleeve notes.
Judy's heavenly vocals obviously take centre stage in the mix, but her partner's playing is far from just a supporting role. Steve is clearly a sickeningly-talented guitarist, but he always plays for the song and not the gallery. .... It's a joy."

£13 Available to purchase direct from Steve Marsh.
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